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 "The medal winning land 2016"

The “Medal winning land” is a nationwide contest that aims at selecting the best land for industrial projects in each province. It consists of several stages. Bobolice was one of the towns that applied for the title of best investment area in 2016. On 30 August in Bobolice in an unusual place i.e. the Economic Activity Zone in Bobolice (SAG), a visit of the committee concerned with the second stage of the competition “The medal winning land in 2016” took place.

The Commission was represented by: Mr. Miroslaw Odziemczyk - Representative of the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment, based in Warsaw, Mrs Monika Narewicz and Mr Szymon Pałac, both representing the Centre Investors at UMWZ(Governor’s Office of Zachodniopomorskie Province) in Szczecin.

At the invitation of the Mayor the conference was also attended by local entrepreneurs, Councilors of the County Council of Koszalin and the Town Council in Bobolice, representatives of vocational education from the region: Mr. Zygfryd Walczak - Chancellor of the Koszalin High School of Arts, Mrs Jolanta Kubicka - Director of “Nauta” Vocational School in Bobolice and Leszek Karbowski – Director of ZUKiO in Bobolice.

It is worth noting that only 4 locations passed the first stage in the Zachodniopomorskie Province, including the one in Bobolice. During the second stage Bobolice presented its advantages, incentives for investors and other substantive information useful in assessing the investment offer. The Commission assessed the presentation as A plus.

Mr. Miroslaw Odziemczyk (PAIiIZ) said as a summary, that it is a matter of time for investors to appear in Bobolice – in this charming, friendly place, open to any initiative in the town.

Although Bobolice failed to win the title “The medal winning land”, mainly due to ongoing and not yet completed physical preparation of the zone, operations and investment incentives were very highly rated.

"The Leader of Regional Development 2015" for the commune of Bobolice

awarded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise, for positive changes in the environment, the undertaken and previously performed courses of action for the development of the commune, and in particular the welfare of the local population.

This prestigious award increases the reliability of the commune of Bobolice as a place friendly to entrepreneurs and investors. It also exposes the potential of the local government in Bobolice.

Leader of Regional Development in 2015 for Bobolice

Awarded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise for positive changes in the surroundings, the undertaken and performed actions to develop the commune and in particular the welfare of the local community.

This prestigious award increases the credibility of the commune of Bobolice as being friendly to entrepreneurs and investors. It also exposes the potential of the local government. I welcome anyone willing to invest and stay at the commune of Bobolice.


Patronage of Słupsk Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) of investment sites in Bobolice

On 10 March 2015 the Mayor of Bobolice Mieczysława Brzoza signed an agreement at the headquarters of SSEZ in the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency (PARR) in Słupsk on cooperation in the taking of investment areas in Bobolice under the patronage of the Słupsk Special Economic Zone. PARR in Słupsk was represented by President of SSEZ Miroslaw Kamiński.

Patronage of SSEZ over the investment areas will support the commune in the promotion of investment areas and will make it easier to reach a wider scope of potential investors in the future and will contribute to joining investment areas to SSEZ, which will be an additional advantage for investment areas in the commune - tax preferences for investors wishing to operate in the economic zone.

Updated: 2017-03-07

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