Dear Investors, Dear Sirs,

I invite you to the commune of Bobolice

to a booming place, located in the eastern part of the Zachodniopomorskie Province, in the county of Koszalin. The town of Bobolice, called the town of "seven roads", is the capital of the commune situated between two administrative – economic centers: Koszalin and Szczecinek. An advantageous location of the town and the specific arrangement of the road network with national, provincial and district roads crossing there allows easy access and transit. National roads 11 and 25 converge here. We are a friendly and open commune - a place worth investing at.

We can offer You investment areas located in Bobolice Economic Activity Zone - attractively situated and prepared in terms of technical infrastructure. We offer a wide range of tax preferences, a large labor force potential, safety and security of transactions concerning the purchase of property from the commune for Your planned economic activities. We are looking confidently to the future. We are open for investments in the framework of public - private partnership. For many years, we have been creating a favorable investment atmosphere, and therefore we support the development of entrepreneurship both through the organization of business breakfasts and entrepreneurship galas.

The commune of Bobolice, also due to the high quality of nature – landscape characteristics (including protection of vegetation, reserves, protected landscape areas), tourism, leisure  and holiday qualities (Regional Museum, the annual international organ concerts with the music blaring on one of the best preserved neo-Gothic organs in Zachodniopomorskie Province, Centre for Sport Education  and Recreation Bobolice), attracts tourists from Poland and foreign countries at any time of the year. A well located and still growing farm tourism facilities allow contact with the diverse and unique flora and fauna.

Therefore …

The commune of Bobolice – is a perfect place for Your investment and a comfortable and convenient stay.

Come, see and invest in this corner of Poland ...


You are warmly invited,

Mieczysława Brzoza - Mayor of Bobolice

Urząd Miejski w Bobolicach


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